Antwerp Containment!!!

Here recently Antwerp's citizens were attacked by a plague that the Escher Hospital is calling the Frankenstein Disease because of the diabolical state that it places its victims in.The last news they got from the Antwerp Hospital is that they were being overwhelmed by patients and that they were rioting and destroying buildings, but the Antwerp officers were getting things under control again.

The Antwerp Chief Officer ordered that the Reet Construction Co. drill an escape route so they can sneak uninfected citizens out of Antwerp and dump tons of rocks to block off every entrance into Antwerp.

Since then the world has heard nothing from the Antwerp Hospital or the APD (Antwerp Police Department), but according to the citizens that escaped things seemed to be getting worse before they got out.They also said that every building they seen was on fire or had been tore down.

The world is preparing for the worst and are waiting for some kinda response from Antwerp.Reet Construction Co. has already accepted a deal from the TCA (Terraworld Capital Association) of 15.7 million gold to sanitate and reconstruct Antwerp once things are back in order.We have also been informed that there is another contract for 4.3 million gold that will cover the creation of a mall and another 700k to construct a new jail and finally to construct a judicial building so antwerp can have its own government to keep things in check.

So with the destruction a new city will rise and the city we once knew as the outcast will become a huge asset to our world.