A Message from the Team

Hey All,

As we work hard to deliver you the goods, I just wanted to let everyone know what we are working on.

November Event Calendar

Hey Guys!

So you've all asked for it and now we plan to deliver! Apologies for starting 12 days into the month but it just means less strict guidelines for prizes! Yay!

Halloween event!

Halloween just reached Terraworld. Which means that Halloween Town is open to visitors. Come and explore the town if you haven't the past years.

The Item Store

The item store is down due to new regulations in europe called VATMOSS.

New Crossroads

We have mapped and configured a new crossroads for Terra. This new area is a good deal smaller than the old crossroads, along with some other changes.

Unexpected down time

Hello everyone,

We see, to be suffering from some down time at the moment.